Also is Son James Capt. in the 16th New York Volunteer Calvary who was killed at Fairfax, Verginia by a gang of Guerillas 8th August 1863.
The photograph above shows a memorial stone that has recorded on it concerning our forgotten hero Captain James Fleming.
It rests in the grave yard of the old Unitarian Church, sadly it has fallen into disrepair but it has been tied up.
The Captain had enlisted in 1861 after travelling to the United States of America from Northern Ireland.
It was during the American Civil War in 1863 when the Captain who was in charge of the union forces that day in a bloody battle in his hometown of Fairfax,
the Captain sadly was fatally wounded and died that day.
The inscription which concerns the captain on the memorial stone reads as follows:
Aged 32 years.
( The spelling of Verginia was how it was spelt on the memorial stone.)