For over 1500 years Antrim has been a settlement on the shores of Lough Neagh, which is the largest

freshwater lake in the British Isles and for those who love history, well Antrim Town has plenty of it.

This ranges from one of the finest 10 - 11th century Round Towers in Ireland to the ruins of Antrim

Castle. You can go on a walking tour of Antrim which shows you everything of historical interest, the

tours can be booked through the Court House in Market Square. For the visitor to Antrim it is an ideal

location to stay because all the major tourist places of interest outside Antrim are only few hours drive

away. The Belfast International Airport is 10 minutes drive, the George Best Airport along with the

ferry port at Larne, all only 45 minutes. Antrim has everything for everyone of all ages, from its history

to everyday activities, no matter where you go in the town, you will find the people friendly and eager

to help, plus they love a bit of craic (a yarn). Everything of interest is within walking distance except

for the Round Tower, it's about 10 minutes drive away, not far from where I live. The Round Tower was

constructed by monks as part of their settlement in the early 10th century. According to legend when

the tower was finished a witch jumped from the top in anger at it being built and landed on a large

boulder below, leaving an impression of her knee and elbow in it. This stone is still there next to the

tower, it's actually 1500 years old and is thought to have been the food preparation table for the

monks. Throughout the centre of the town the "Battle of Antrim" was fought in 1798 and can be found

on the web site or call into the Court House in Market Square where friendly staff will only be too

pleased to help with all your needs.

Below is only a snippet of Antrim's History is is so immense. When you visit here you too will wonder in amazment at our History.