This is 110 Abbey View at Muckamore these houses were originally for the mill workers.
Standing outside their home we have on the left and on the right Archie McQuilken and Mary McQuilken. In the centre are Uncle George and Aunt Ella who were here on holiday from America.
The year is unknown.


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The York Street Flax Spinning Company had a mill here and this is Abbeyview at Muckamore and these were the mill workers houses. The larger houses at either end of the row housed the 'Gaffers '. The large house to your left with the shop and the sign saying "Muckamore" was the Post Office and the one at the far end was the General Store. Standing in the doorway of the shop is a lady with a baby in her arms with two small girls to the left and a boy to the right. Now they and the ladies and children along the street are not there by chance, the photographer made them stand there and be still while he took the photograph.The row of houses behind them are called Raceview because they are near the mill race. As you can see from the Present photo they have not changed a bit. Date is unknown.
Here we are out at Muckamore and standing outside her home at 1 Abbey View is Jean Adgey holding her little dog.
Standing in the doorway of her home at 132 Abbeyville, Muckamore in 1949 is Tillie Francey with her Sister-in-law Anna Francey.