This is Shanes Castle tractor with carriage and wagon in front of the original Shanes Castle.Scammell Highwayman " The Banshee " Built 1964. 150hp. Supplied new to Hamblins Supplies Ltd, Leicester. It had several subsequent owners and was then purchased in 1986 by the present owner and restored over the years. Used to move the Fairground Organ and Showmans Living Van to site and to provide electrical power to operate the organ. Owned by The Lord O’Neill, Shanes Castle, Antrim. Southern Showmans Living Wagon was Built 1950. Purchased from the Cadona family in Glasgow in the early 1970’s and restored over the years. Owned by The Lord O’Neill, Shanes Castle, Antrim.
Now as everyone knows before starting off one must have a cup of tea and chocolate cake.
This caravan is owned by Patterson's Spade Mill and the gentle man that was staying in it cooks in it as well as sleeping there.
Steam Rally. 1.
The engines fires have been started to heat up the boilers and then it will be full steam ahead.


Showman Engine. 2.
Garrett Showmans Tractor " Samson " Built 1919. Reg. No. TC 64. This engine was fully restored including a new boiler and firebox with all gears and motion work being overhauled. This work was carried out by its current owner Paddy Denby, Co Wexford.
Road Locomotive. 3.
McLaren Compound Road Locomotive " Jim " Works No 701. Imported from Australia. Owned by David Glynn of Carlow.
Showman Engine. 4.
Marshall Single Cylinder Traction Engine " Uncle George " Built 1912. 7nhp. This engine spent all its working life in Sussex, Kent in the ownership of Hobdens and Sons Threshing Contractors. An extensive restoration programme has just been completed with the engine being completed at the beginning of April 2016. Owned by Ben Tomkins, Co. Carlow.
Agricultural Engine. 5.
Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Single Cylinder Traction Engine " Lily " Built 1897.7 nhp Works No 11412.Owned by Stuart Glynn Co Carlow
Agricultural Engine. 12.
Burrell Single 5hp Single Crank Compound Traction Engine " Christina " Built 1904. IY36. Owned by the Glynn Brothers, Co Carlow.
Showman Engine. 6.
Fowler R3 Showmans Road Locomotive " Headway " Built 1920. 8nhp. 3 Speed. Works No. 15117. Weight 18 tons. Owned since 1996 by Paddy McKendry & Son Kilrea
Steam Rally. 7.
Here the men are stopping for a bit of craic after all the hard work they have done.
Road Locomotive. 9.
McLaren Compound Road Locomotive " The Emerald " Built 1911. 8nhp. This engine was exported new to Tasmania and spent its working life there until 2003 when it was brought back to the UK and extensively restored. It has been extensively refurbished.
Owned by Eamon & Mary McAleenan, Co Louth.
Agricultural Engine. 13.
Burrell Compound Tractor " Lorna Doone " Built 1927. Reg. No. YB 9360. Works No 4062. This engine spent its working life with WJ King Somerset. Purchased by the late Tom Bermingham in1996. Now in the care of the Bermingham family, Rathcoole, Dublin.
Agricultural Engine. 15.
7.Aveling & Porter Traction Engine " Lady Ann " Built in 1908 Works No. 6573. Reg. No. CA 6333
Owned by Billy Carter.
Road Roller. 8.
Wallis & Stevens Advance Roller. Built 1928. Works No 7991. Weight 10 Tons. Supplied new to George Wimpey and Co. Hammersmith,London in 1929. Purchased by the present owner in 1992 and extensively restored over a three year period. Owned by Gilbert Armour, Carnearny Road, Ladyhill, Antrim.
Steam Rally. 10.
Here are a couple of Showman engines and a traction engine.
Steam Rally. 11.
To the left we have a Argricultural engine called " Lady Ann ", next is another Argricultural engine called " Scrumpy "the last one is unknown.
Road Locomotive. 14.
Glynn's of Carlow Burrell 1904 (IY-36) & McLaren Road Locomotive.
Agricultural Engine. 22.
Fowler Single Cylinder Traction Engine " Tamneymore " Built in 1923, Type A9 Owned by Joe Bradley & Family Kilrea.
Agricultural Engine. 17.
Burrell Compound Traction Engine " Patricia " Built 1917. 6nhp.
Owned by Ivan Glynn, Rathoe Co. Carlow.

Agricultural Engine. 19.
Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Traction Engine " The Boss " - Built 1917 6nhp Works No 27258 Reg No IR-1253 Owned by the Glynn Bros Co Carlow
Rock Breaker. 31.
Owned by Joe Bradley & Family of Kilrea Co. Derry.
Joe here is using the fly wheel to operate a belt system to work the rock breaker.